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My Life in Airplane Mode is a web series produced by electrohypersensitive people (EHS). This sensitivity has taught us to protect ourselves and guard ourselves against electromagnetic radiation.

Concretely, we want to demystify our ability to perceive waves (our superpowers in short), explain our tips and tricks to protect yourself from waves in order to sleep better (and that concerns everyone!), Immerse yourself in our (mis) adventures; all through short didactic episodes.

We show our sometimes complicated life, our struggles, our demands, our joys, our hopes ...

Far from clichés, we explain to you where it comes from, why it hurts, how we are doing!

The second episode was released in October 2022 - to share without moderation !

The third episode was just released on February 3 - bye bye headaches!

Would you like to be kept informed of the release of the following episodes?

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The filming crew


David Steinmetz


media contact


Kristien Pottie




Valeriane Huge




Michael Mikiels


Sound engineer


Geoffrey Decker


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The program of the following episodes

Episode 1: What if it was something else?

2 years ago, David, a 28-year-old engineer, was diagnosed with 'Burn-out'. Curious by nature, he explored the subject to go back to the origin of his symptoms. In doing so he experienced that the symptoms of fatigue, headache, nervousness and depression were especially present when he was in front of his computer, and stopped when he was in an area without waves (wi-fi, gsm antennas ..)


Episode 2: As I would like to sleep as before….

Have you had sleep problems for a few years too?

You wake up in the middle of the night, you can't sleep anymore and you count the hours… You are not alone! What if your sleep problems were related to your modem that you don't turn off at night or to that long evening that you spent alone with your only companion,

your computer ? We meet a doctor who explains how electromagnetic waves interfere with your sleep.


Episode 3: My cordless phone and I were no longer on the same wavelength!

When I found out that the Home Cordless Telephone (DECT) was destroying my health, that of my family and even that of my neighbors, I declared war on it! Yes, the DECT telephone generously distributes its electromagnetic waves in your surroundings and this is not without consequences. We explain ...

électrohypersensibilité mode avion
protection contre les ondes électromagnétiques - pull anti-onde
Mesurer rayonnement électromagnétique

Episode 4: "But I am not electrosensitive ..."

When Kristien announced her electrohypersensitivity to her family, she had no trouble convincing them that her suffering was real, but when she told them that for their health, it would be better to turn off the wi-fi and the devices that emit radiation in the house, she systematically received the same response: "We are not like you, sensitive to waves". Kristien offered to take the test and see what happens….

Episode 5: Do my emotions still belong to me?

People with EHS notice that exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation influences their emotional state. Valériane's husband's phone made her irritable, Kristien had bouts of depression every time the neighbor turned on his wi-fi while David wonders if his emotions still belong to him. They go to meet a specialist who explains to them why.  

Episode 6: My beautiful microwave and everything

What is in your house that emits waves? Haha, there are probably more of them than you think. Let's take a tour of the house with David!  


Episode 7: What Not to Do to Live a Life

almost normal?


Electrosensitive meet to share their anecdotes

the craziest!

Episode 8: How to protect yourself while having class?  

Valériane shows us how she created her own anti-radiation clothes. The local beekeepers will be jealous!

Episode 9: Question for a champion: Electrosensitivity, basically, is:

   AT.  a pathology

   B. an allergy

   C. a handicap

   D. answer D

   E. poisoning?

   F. A super power?

The experts explain it to you!


Epsiod 10: Fell in when he was little ...

… Obelix * (assumed name) has been EHS since the age of eight, he tells us about his misadventures.   

Episode 11: Our little ones facing the waves

Valériane is the mother of 2 children and is very concerned by the vulnerability of children to waves. She goes to meet other EHS who raise awareness in schools and a specialist who explains why children are so vulnerable. 

vêtements anti-ondes électromagnétique

Would you like to be kept informed of the release of the following episodes?

Follow our project closely! 👇


Associations related to waves and health

Un lieu de vie pour EHS

Lieu d'accueil pour EHS - partenaire du rassemblement international des EHS


Vereniging Elektrohypersensitiviteit Vlaanderen


France - Electrosensibles de France

Coeurs d'EHS

Association d'Êtres Humains Sensibles et Solidaires pour une entraide collaborative


Suisse - Alerte Romande au Rayonnements Artificiels


Belgique francophone - Association pour la Reconnaissance de l'Electrohypersensibilité

Hippocrates Electrosmog Appeal

Electrosmog et santé : 1122 professionnels de la santé demandent l'application du principe de précaution

Robin des Toits

France - association de défense et de sensibilisation sur l'impact sanitaire des ondes électromagnétiques

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