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Medias talk about EHS

A sign of growing interest in the subject, the media are taking a close interest in our project and in the testimonies of the co-directors, both in the written and audio-visual press, to discover below 👇

in the written press

La Libre Belgique électrohypersensibilité électrosensibilité

La Libre Belgique

”Two minutes of exposure to electromagnetic waves is an ordeal for me”: how David, electrohypersensitive, lives his life in airplane mode - Excerpt: "[...] The only truly effective treatment is avoidance. In this sense, electrosensitivity is misnamed. It is simply electromagnetic poisoning."
- signed Laurence Dardenne (journalist) and Bernard Demoulin (photographer)

la libre belgique électrohypersensibilité électrosensibilité

La Libre Belgique

A decidedly hypersensitive subject, electro (hyper)sensitivity continues to be debated. Associations concerned about the impact of electromagnetic radiation on human health react to a recent study on electrosensitivity by the Public Service Scientific Institute (ISSeP) carried out in partnership with Sciensano. This article is an extract from a press release co-signed by several associations
- signed Laurence Dardenne (journalist) and Bernard Demoulin (photographer)

Photo rassemblement EHS électrohypersensibilité électrosensibilité

Evening - Carte blanche

Wireless technologies but not without risks - carte blanche published via Le Soir,co-authored with many associations related to electrosensitivity and concerned about health in the face of electromagnetic radiation, health professionals and international scientists
Excerpt "it is urgent to raise collective awareness around the health danger of wireless technologies, which concerns everyone, and to organize better inclusion regarding the disability that electromagnetic waves cause."

électrohypersensibilité electrosensibilité Paris Match Belgique

Paris Match Belgium

Electrohypersensitive: these Belgians who no longer support the waves
Our first steps in the press, for Paris-Match Belgium: "Empirically, I noticed that my discomfort subsided when I cut off the wifi, when I moved away from my PC. I inquired." - Kristian
- signed Michel Bouffioux (journalist), Ronald Dersin (photographer)

Imagine électrohypersensibilité électrosensibilité

imagine tomorrow the world

The fight of the electrosensitive against the waves-chapo: The waves are invisible, colorless, odorless but not painless. Certainly not for electrohypersensitive people, who cannot stand electromagnetic pollution [...]-signed Sarah Freres (journalist & photos)


The future

Tintigny: Kristien, electrosensitive, lives in Poncelle to escape the waves.A grouped habitat is born in Poncelle (Tintigny). The inhabitants who want to live there wish to find a more authentic way of life. Kristien lives there, too, to shelter from the waves.
- signed Nicolas Guidi (journalist)

Presse écrite
Médias audio-visuels

in the audio-visual media

Group shot for three of the four co-directors (Kristien, Valériane and David), through our testimony in a TV Lux report.Thanks to journalist Nadine Urbain and her team for these 25 minutes of our daily life 👇

An article from La Libre Belgique was also accompanied by a video, where our co-director David Steinmetz demonstrates his commitment. To discover below 👇

The Ma Vie en Mode Avion team has also been interviewed many times in other TV / radio reports:

Tintigny zone blanche rayonnement électromagnétique


Tintigny, - an area protected from waves in Poncelle: Testimony of Kristien Pottie following the decision of his commune to establish a "grey zone" (without adding an antenna in the future) around his grouped habitat.
- signed Anne Lemaire (journalist & photo)

Zone blanche électrohypersensibilité électrosensibilité

Radio Panick

Electro-sensitivity: My life in airplane mode..Interview of David by Violaine and Jeanne from the program "Panik en zone libre". Once is not custom, the radio moved for a broadcast protected from the airwaves, dealing with the airwaves, and yet live "on the airwaves"!



A curious allergy on NRJ radio!: Our co-director Valériane appeared on NRJ, in the form of a quiz / riddle, in connection with a "particular allergy" that is electrohypersensitivity. A great open discussion ensued on the set of the NRJ antenna.

Valériane's interview starts at 1.00.25

zone blanche électrohypersensibilité électrosensibilité


More and more people are freaking out with this battle of the airwaves over the world. They are called electrosensitive.Crazy, raw, unfiltered interview with our co-director Kristien Pottie in her grouped habitat,
- signed Graziella Van Loo

Would you like to be kept up to date with our most recent interviews on electrohypersensitivity?

It's this way! 👇

Affiche zone blanche 2.jpg

EHS Documentaries


Some journalistic works and cinematographic masterpieces, to go further 👇

Affiche zone blanche 2.jpg

desperately looking for white area

Documentary directed by Marc Khanne. A real dive into the daily life of EHS, this documentary is a favorite of the team!

BBC-tortured by technology.png

Electrosensitivity: tortured by technology? - BBC

Short documentary (15 min) in English on electrosensitive people, by the BBC.

Affiche zone blanche 2.jpg

desperately looking for white area

Documentary directed by Marc Khanne. A real dive into the daily life of EHS, this documentary is a favorite of the team!

BBC-tortured by technology.png

Electrosensitivity : tortured by technology ? - BBC

Documentaire court (15 min) en Anglais sur les électrosensibles, par la BBC.


bad vibes

Documentary directed by Sophie Le Gall, presented on France 3

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