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My Life in Airplane Mode is a web series produced by electrohypersensitive people (EHS). This sensitivity has taught us to protect ourselves and guard ourselves against electromagnetic radiation.

Concretely, we want to demystify our ability to perceive waves (our superpowers in short), explain our tips and tricks to protect yourself from waves in order to sleep better (and that concerns everyone!), Immerse yourself in our (mis) adventures; all through short didactic episodes.

We show our sometimes complicated life, our struggles, our demands, our joys, our hopes ...

Far from clichés, we explain to you where it comes from, why it hurts, how we are doing!

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We wish to perpetuate our initiative and invest in quality audio-visual  equipment to professionalize our awareness videos (filming equipment, stands, additional microphones, etc.) as well as reimburse our travel expenses.

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This will be used to buy equipment and pay travel expenses...

Many thanks in advance for your generosity!

NB: Electrohypersensitives are often in a precarious financial situation. If you are EHS, we invite you to keep your woolen socks on to reduce your exposure, move to a less exposed place, protect yourself... Your support can also be expressed in another way: help us share this initiative around you !


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