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Edition 2023

Second European Gathering of Electrohypersensitives

Saturday 17th of June 2023 - at the French-Belgian border

7. Rassemblement européen des électrohypersensibles 2023
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A program 100% by and for electrohypersensitive people: Conferences related to EHS, meetings with European EHS associations, moments of exchange… to end with a concert!

A second edition... with a European focus!

Affiche rassemblement électrohypersensible zone blanche

This second edition will have a European focus: we will welcome MEP Michèle Rivasi, and the umbrella association/federation of associations Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC) and its (future) members, to create more links between our different common struggles across borders, as well as to make our messages visible to the European institutions in Brussels. It is therefore a pleasure to invite them to the event so that they can present the project to the EHS people present.

Conférence rassemblement électrohypersensibles belgique

A program 100% by and for EHS

Conferences and activities are geared towards an electro-sensitive public, under two large tents, in French and English simultaneously

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Meet EHS NGO's from all over europe

New this year: meet the associations present in a dedicated space, to encourage exchanges. It is by mobilizing through associations that we will be able to make our voices heard!


Chat with EHS people from all over Europe

The European EHS Gathering is expecting 100-150 EHS participants from 8-12 European countries - all united in the same fight!

Tentes rassemblement électrosensibles belgique

Campers and vans welcome!

What could be better than a good restful night in a white zone after a tiring journey?

We provide space to pitch your tent or bring your caravan, with access to drinking water and toilets. Enough to extend the meetings beyond the activities, from Friday until Sunday morning!

Sunday June 18: day of workshops organized by ESC

Sunday is open to members of ESC (Europeans for Safe Connections) and people interested in building this new European initiative. Together with you, we will organize workshops with the following objective:On what topics, projects and action plans will ESC implement in the years to come? It's time to fight EMF pollution at EU level, let's build an ESC that defends the rights of European citizens!

The event is aimed at electrohypersensitive people. Register below, before the 20th of May 2023 👇

Help us make the event known to the EHS around you 👇

In French :

In English :

Registrations are closed!

partenaires rassemblement EHS belgique
Edition 2022

The European gathering of electrohypersensitives got off to a flying start in 2022, with nearly 100 EHS participants from 5 European countries. Considering a rushed organization in 3 months top time, the result lived up to expectations.

Even better: the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

Conference :
Building a house protected from waves... a first in Belgium

Guy Lerat, co-organizer of the event, presented during the previous edition the ingredients used for the construction of a house protecting from the waves!

Anti-wave paint, shielding of electric cables, anti-wave mosquito nets, wooden structure house without metal supports, remote-controlled switches from the main panel... discover the technical details implemented in this conference!

The conference was recorded to allow EHS who were unable to make the trip to be able to watch it

Co-construction with the EHS present of a white card in the press

Wireless technologies but not without risks - carte blanche published via Le Soir,

co-written on the basis of the arguments developed during the gathering, then supplemented by: numerous associations linked to electrosensitivity and concerned about health in the face of electromagnetic radiation, health professionals and international scientists
Excerpt (translated from French) : "it is urgent to raise collective awareness around the health danger of wireless technologies, which concerns everyone, and to organize better inclusion regarding the disability that electromagnetic waves cause."

Photo rassemblement EHS électrohypersensibilité électrosensibilité

Launch of the first episode of My Life in Airplane Mode

Previous edition:
First International Gathering of Electrohypersensitives 2022

The gathering was also an opportunity to preview the first episode of My Life in Airplane Mode "This Other Burn-Out", which has meanwhile been followed by many episodes explaining the symptoms related to EHS!

Partenaires rassemblement européen électrohypersensibles belgique
Lieu vie ehs

A place to liveur EHS  - NGO

Partner co-organizer of the event

An action-oriented association

Un lieu de vie pour EHS asbl

Resolutely action-oriented, the non-profit organization created by Guy Lerat and his wife Régine not only welcomes and co-organizes the European gathering of EHS, but also does its utmost to help EHS in their distress: provision of a place to regain energy away from wireless technologies, awareness conferences, technical explanation workshops...

Guy Lerat - Un lieu de vie pour EHS asbl

A welcoming place for EHS

Since October 2022, Guy and Régine have been welcoming electrosensitive people for periods of a week in a house specially designed to be as protected as possible from electromagnetic radiation.

The construction of the house is a technical feat explained in the conference recorded during the 2022 gathering (see video above); the provision of the property at a democratic price for EHS responds to a crying need: without having made any publicity for the place, not a week has passed since without the space being rented!

Maison protégée des ondes

More information on A place to live for EHS asbl and its house protected from the waves?

It's over here 👇

Photo rassemblement EHS 18-06-22 -  libre de droits.jpg
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